What Could Your School Do with a

30% Savings on Credit Card Processing?


  • Restore a cut program?
  • Rehire a furloughed teacher?
  • Return part-time teachers to full-time?
  • Provide additional services or programs?

“I am the Director of Finance for a music school and I recently learned my school could save 30% of our credit card processing feeby switching companies. Until I met Mike Roux I thought all credit card processing firms were the same and I assumed any differences in processing fees were counted in pennies so they wouldn’t matter to my school. But Mike took the time to show me a program which VISA has created for schools where we get a much better rate on VISA credit card transactions than almost any other type of company.

My recommendation is every school or academy should get Mike to do a comparison. You may find, like I did, the savings are really big.”Lisa Fiorentino, Director of Finance

How is this possible?    VISA has a program that reduces the fees charged to educational organizations to process VISA credit card charges.

Any fixed commitment?   Strategic Payment Systems does not require any long-term commitment, nor do we charge any termination fees. Some other service providers do require a contract containing a multi-year commitment, an automatic renewal feature and termination fee.

How can I learn more? Contact Mike Roux with Strategic Payment Systems to learn if your organization qualifies for this program. Mike will show you how much you could save. There is no cost or obligation for this comparison. If the savings are worthwhile, Mike can set you up immediately.